MLCS Woodworking Router Table Top and Fence with Phenolic Plate Review

Product Description

Router tables are a valuable instrument for a woodworker, whether he or she is a beginner or a pro. Aside from ensuring neatness, since some can be attached with a dust collector, they also add a dimension of safety in routing. Router tables provide a stable area for a person to do his or her woodworking, from the basic cutting to the more intricate shaping and edging.

The MLCS router table top and fence with phenolic plate is a solid piece of woodworking equipment where you can do most of your woodworking tasks. It boasts of a phenolic plate coating which ensures that the woodworking bench can be used under all kinds of weather and high levels of humidity. The fence has a built-in MDF core with a melamine surface, which allows safe vertical edge routing.

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MLCS Router Table Top

24″ x 32″, heavy 1-3/8″ thick tabletop, which is 1/4″ thicker than most other tables and has a sturdy MDF core, durable melamine surface and polyethylene plastic edges
A premounted 12″ x 9″ router insert.

Removable rings with three different size openings for different router bits

Pre-installed aluminum miter slot for accuracy

Pre-installed aluminum T-track slots for router fence mounting

Threaded inserts are provided at the bottom of the table top to mount to a leg set or a cabinet
Hex head adjusting screws level insert to top with magnets
Includes guide pin for freehand routing

MLCS Router Fence
A 36-inch long anodized aluminum angle to keep the fence at 90 degrees for accuracy, and machined to within .010-inch
High split fence with an MDF core and a melamine surface

T-slot allows the attachment of featherboards or jigs to the fence.
Durable plastic safety guard to help protect the eyes and face against flying woodchips
T-slots mount fence faces, allowing independent adjustment as well as varied openings around the router bit

Measuring tape at the top of fence of the router tables can be read left to right and vice-versa, allowing easy and convenient measurement.

The MLCS router table top and fence with phenolic plate weighs 49 lbs.

Note: The router tables are sold separately.

Router Table Review - MLCS Woodworking Router Table Top and Fence with Phenolic Plate

MLCS Woodworking Router Table Top and Fence with Phenolic Plate

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The woodworking bench looks attractive with its nice finish. Its heavy weight makes it easy and sturdy enough for people to work their wood on the tabletop. Its size allows woodworkers to have some room to maneuver in instead of being cramped as with smaller router tables. It is also very durable and does not chip easily. The T-tracks of the fence allows different kinds of attachment, perfect for those who love experimenting with this. Another thing buyers love about this is the fact that MLCS also ships their router tables and tabletops for free.

On the other hand, some buyers are disappointed since the stand is not included and they have to buy it separately. There are also some who are not pleased with the fact that the table does not come with assembly instructions. While the woodworking bench is relatively easy to put together, building it would have been easier if it came with a diagram. Going along with that is the fact that there are no pre-drilled insert holes for router mounting. Buyers have to manually drill and countersink the holes, which some may be uncomfortable with because of the amount of precision the task requires.


While the MLCS router table top and fence with phenolic plate is admittedly not an industrial grade woodworking bench, it is already suitable for those or for those who are just starting or are not planning to have extensive woodworking projects.