Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System Review

Product Description

Those of you who are interested in DIY and are in the market for new woodworking tools and/or a router table will not need look any further than the Kreg PRS1040 precision router table. If you simply need to place the finishing touches on the lower part of your wall or build whole sets of furniture, the Kreg router table is definitely the tool for you.

The Kreg router table, just like all other Kreg tools, like the Kreg drill, are perfect for woodworkers of any level and the average DIY enthusiast. With this router table, projects will be accomplished in much less time and will be a lot simpler to manage as well. Everything you generate will come out with even better precision as well.

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Product Features/Specifications

The Kreg router table was designed to be the new standard for affordable and efficient router tables for the average DIY junkie. It also comes with a good number of innovative and revolutionary features such as the self-squaring t-square style fence, the tubular aluminum extrusion which comes fully enclosed, as well as the steel-strut reinforced MDF top that has an easy-fit micro-dot skin to mention just a few.

The Kreg router table comes equipped with a durable aluminum fence, which offers great control and strength to the router top as well as keeping a covered, fully enclosed vacuum to make sure that all the dust is collected properly.

The edge-banded MDF top does a great job of minimizing noise and turbulence and is superior to majority of phenolic top cans. It comes with the easy fit micro dot skin that was designed from an impact resistance high pressure laminate and this makes it very easy to slide pieces along the surface.

Purchasing this router table will have the shipment of items come in three separate boxes. The boxes will include the following items: the table legs, the router fence, and the router table.

Router Table Review- Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System

Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System

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Majority of reviews done on the Kreg router table are all quite positive all mentioning the superior control which anybody can have when they are using this router table. It is noted that you do not have to be a master of woodworking tools in order to use these tools to its full potential and completely understand just how great a tool it is.

Most reviews will point out the accuracy of the table and how easy it is manage projects with it. The whole thing comes with easy-to-understand instructions and will quickly be appreciated as a fine instrument by anybody.


Anybody who is looking to become a serious wood worker will find that the Kreg router table is the right table to stick with. It comes with all the pieces you will need in a router table and is also very easy to use and maintain. This will be the table you will finish all your major projects on and will certainly be something you can rely on. You need not look any further for a good quality router table with the Kreg PRS1040 at your disposal.