Freud SH-5 Professional Micro-Adjustable Router Table Fence Review

Product Description

Many people who engage on woodcraft would argue that the success or the beauty of their finished product lies not only on talent but also on the woodworking tools that help them finish the job. It contributes to the efficiency as well as the quality of their work. It is for this reason that it becomes essential for craftsmen to find the right tools that will help them finish their woodworking projects with ease and convenience. Good thing there is Freud, a company who have devoted so much of their time and effort in developing power tools that are advanced and innovative for fast and efficient woodworking.

One of the company’s greatest offerings is perhaps the Freud SH-5 Micro-Adjustable Router Table Fence. This is indeed a router tool that will come in handy for wood workers as it is equipped with the same innovative technology that characterizes other Freud products. The product is especially designed in order to help shape the wood, giving it unique edges and shapes. These Freud router tables are guaranteed to be versatile and adaptable as they are equipped with state of the art Freud router bits and an adjustable fence system so that it can be used with accuracy for all types of woodworking projects.

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Product Features/Specifications

What sets the Freud router tables apart are its top of the line features that not only provides working convenience but at the same time lets you achieve woodworking perfection. First of the many key features is the cast and machined aluminum and steel construction to make sure that the product is not only durable but is also safe for use. The fence is also made from a laminated medium-density fireboard to make sure that it remains sturdy while attached to the Freud router tables.

One of the things that the Freud SH-5 is known for is its versatility. It has separate infeed and outfeed fence systems that can be adjusted using the micro-adjusting knobs which can be set to.001 accuracy and up to about 7 to 8 inches in range.  This allows precision as it can adapt to different shapes and sizes of wood.

The Freud router tables are also built with safety in mind. Aside from the fences, it is also equipped with a chip guard to make sure that no bits of wood will be flying around. It also has a built in dust collection ports to keep the work area clean and free from saw dusts and wood slivers.

Router Table Review - Freud SH-5 Professional Micro-Adjustable Router Table Fence

Freud SH-5 Professional Micro-Adjustable Router Table Fence

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Many who have tried the Freud router tables can attest to the efficiency that the Freud SH-5 brings. It offers easy installation as the set up procedures as well as instructions which are included in the package are clear and easy to follow. Plus, the adjustable knobs for the fence feeds are indeed something that many came to love. It allows them to work closely with the wood with more precision, allowing them to create the wood crafting projects that they wish to achieve.


The Freud SH-5 Router Table Fence is a product that is highly recommended for the numerous woodworkers around the world, especially if they are keen on the details as this will definitely come in handy with creating beautifully crafted wooden projects.