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A Sony representative couldnt say when the lamps would go on sale or whether they would look anything like the items on display.Thecompany does plan to begin selling amusical bulb thatcan be screwed into a normal lamp at some point this year, but itcouldnt say how much the bulbwould cost. Sengled, a Chinese lighting company, is also showing off several bulbs that do more than light upa room. The companys Boost bulb, which will cost $50, doubles as a Wi-Fi extender, increasing the power of a Wi-Fi signal in areas of the house that might not be served well by the primary router. (It already sells lightbulbs with speakers in them, for $170.) The company is also displayinga suite of products called Snap, bulbs with a built-in security camera, microphone, and speaker, as well as motion detectors and facial recognition, that can be installed inside or out. Taken together, these souped-up lightbulbs start to answer the question that has dogged the makers of previous iterationsof smart lights.
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Avago Demonstrates Industry-Leading 56Gbps PAM4 SerDes – Yahoo Finance

Once they’ve established contact with a device, they send out focused RF signals on the same bands as WiFi that are then absorbed and converted into DC power by a tiny chip embedded in the device. These transmitters can be built into household appliances, TVs, speakers and standalone “energy routers.” This conversion, known as “rectification,” is not a new idea, but Energous’ application of it is. Its latest generation of chips are around 70 percent efficient — a typical wireless charging mat clocks in at around 90 percent — and can provide enough power to easily charge both a phone and wearable from a single bedside transmitter. To demo its tech, Energous has turned a casino suite into a faux home full of wireless power, which we dropped by to allow the company’s founder Michael Leabman to put on a show for us. The routers are able to offer a closed network, letting you choose what devices are allowed power (ideal for public locations), or an open network, offering power to all. Regardless of network type, the router can prioritize devices low on battery, and automatically rejig the hierarchy as a desired charge level is achieved.
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This router can power your devices wirelessly from 20 feet away

Energous WattUp wireless charging an iPhone 6

“Our customers, many of whom have come to regard Avago’s industry-leading SerDes as industry-standard, are utilizing the PAM4 SerDes cores to design best-in-class ASIC solutions to meet the explosive bandwidth growth in datacenter and service provider networks.” The Avago 56Gbps PAM4 SerDes is designed to support a wide range of copper and optical interconnects ranging from chip-to-chip, chip-to-module, low-cost direct-attached cable, and copper backplane down to 35dB loss. The SerDes supports speeds from 1Gbps to 56Gbps, including existing 10G/25G/40G/50G/100G Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and OIF CEI NRZ speeds, providing investment protection and a forward-looking architecture path to networking, compute system vendors, and mega data center companies. By also targeting emerging OIF CEI-56G-VSR and IEEE 802.3bs (400GE) electrical standards defining next generation chip-to-module interconnect, the Avago 56Gbps PAM4 SerDes provides the additional benefit of enabling the same PAM4 signaling deployment on front side and back side interfaces, thus increasing SoC use case flexibility and reusability across hardware platforms. The Avago 56Gbps PAM4 SerDes, now available in silicon, is running PRBS31 traffic, error-free, across various interconnects up to 56Gbps, thus reducing ASIC development risk and accelerating Avago customer system deployment. About Avago Technologies Avago Technologies is a leading designer, developer and global supplier of a broad range of analog, digital, mixed signal and optoelectronics components and subsystems with a focus in III-V compound semiconductor design and processing.
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