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The group will meet at Klingspor Woodworking, Hickory. John Self is the presenter. Self has been making molding for various furniture and clock projects for 45 years.
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Using the Dremel Shaper/Router Table and Conclusion | bit-tech.net

Dremel Shaper / Router Table Review Using the Dremel Shaper/Router Table and Conclusion

Click to enlarge The table rises a good few inches above the mounting base, but getting at the underside of the Router / Shaper is never easy. The proximity of the rotary tool makes things even more tricky, but thankfully, once your tool is in place and youre used to the location of the paraphernalia on the underside, changing bits and calibrating the cut depth can be done by touch-feel alone, resulting less neck-ache. Click to enlarge As well as cut depth, youre able to adjust the angle of the guide bar and protective shield to your requirements, depending on the finish youre trying to achieve or the depth of material youre dealing with. The main limitation of the table is its size, which will limit the length of materials you can easily pass by/over the cutting/sanding bit. Click to enlarge Using sanding bands proved to be a doddle and we were able to achieve smooth curves on the corners of acrylic sheet much easier than with a rotary tool alone or with the Dremel Workstation. With soft materials, it was quick and easy to shave off a specific amount off one edge, while routing bits were able to deal with harder materials. Leaving the rotary tool and cutting bit to do most of the work, we didnt see any signs of flaws in the cuts due to tool movement; so long as you dont apply too much pressure, the Router / Shaper is able to provide clean, accurate cuts.
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