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Dremel Shaper / Router Table Review Using the Dremel Shaper/Router Table and Conclusion

Leaving the rotary tool and cutting bit to do most of the work, we didnt see any signs of flaws in the cuts due to tool movement; so long as you dont apply too much pressure, the Router / Shaper is able to provide clean, accurate cuts. Conclusion In reality, calibrating the Dremel Router / Shaper proved to be a bit of a pain, but its likely youll only have to do this once each time you come to do some routing. For sanding and shaping, it provides both a sturdy mount for your rotary tool, and an effective means of using sanding bands as well as a modest-sized worktable for these tasks. The build quality and instructions arent going to win any awards, and wed prefer if a small selection of cutting and sanding bits were included, but for the price we can t really argue with the latter.
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Router Table includes pre-drilled router mounting plates., Bosch Power Tools &

Sure, a cordless drill or circular saw might get more use, but no tool can compete with a router when it comes to diversity. With this one compact tool you can shape decorative edges, form raised panels, cut grooves and slots, carve signs, make moldings, rout intricate inlays, trim plastic laminate and veneers and mill dozens of woodworking joints, including rabbets, dovetails and mortises, to name a few. And while the router is handheld for most operations, it can also be mounted in a router table , creating a small stationary shaper.
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Two adjustable featherboards mount directly on the fence or table to safely guide work. For convenient bit height adjustment capability, Bosch recommends using a router and base with a through-the-table adjustment feature, such as the Bosch 1617-series routers and the Bosch RA1165 Router Table Base (sold separately). A dual outlet switch with 6-foot power cord provides easy on/off router access without having to reach under the table. Furthermore, through-table height adjustments are possible for fast, precise settings with each application. A lock capability also prevents unauthorized use. The new Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table comes complete with 2 adjustable featherboards, 3 mounting plate insert rings, 1 adjustable clear guard, 1 starter pin and guard, 2 outfeed fence shims (1/16-inch thick) and the appropriate router mounting hardware. The aluminum mounting plate comes pre-drilled to accommodate the following routers: o Bosch 1617 series fixed base models, 1613 series and 1619EVS o Porter Cable 690, 892-895 series fixed based models, 7529 o Milwaukee 5615, 5616 o DeWalt DW616, DW618 fixed base models o Makita RF1100, RF1101 o Ryobi R161K, R162K o Craftsman (most fixed base models with 1/2-inch collet capacityAbout Bosch Power Tools and Accessories: Bosch Power Tools and Accessories is one of the divisions within the $1 billion, 4,000 employee strong Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, which is the North American branch of the largest power tool and accessory manufacturer in the world, Robert Bosch GmbH.
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