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Device strategies: shared plans and end of high subsidies. Service strategies: content and additional revenue streams. Network strategies: investments, spectrum and technologies. Order a copy of this report at . Table of Contents 3. LTE market status in the USA 3.1.Several major factors are pulling the US LTE ecosystem 3.2.Deployment status 3.2.3.LTE theoretical and commercial speeds 3.2.4.LTE ARPU and churn 4.1.2.Evolve towards volume-based tiered pricing (the end of unlimited data plans) 4.1.3.Push network prioritisation (or data throttling practices) 4.1.4.Push alternative financing with content providers (toll-free plans) 4.2.Device strategies 4.2.2.Decoupling the device from the service 4.2.3.Handset upgrades and device leasing 4.2.4.Access to hotspots 4.4.Network strategies: investment, spectrum, technologies 4.4.1.Investment issues 4.4.2.Spectrum issues Comprehensive Table of Contents and more for the report “LTE in the USA” is available at . List of Tables Table 1: Population coverage for the four main US players at four different times Table 2: LTE theoretical and commercial speeds Table 3: Selective key KPI for the four main US players Table 4: Overview of family/shared plans for Tier 1 US players: 10 GB data included, four lines Table 5: Verizon Wireless cloud storage offer Table 6: Home Fusion tariffs from Verizon Wireless Table 7: AWS-3 spectrum planned arrangements List of Figures Figure 1: LTE subscriptions growth in the USA Figure 2: LTE market shares in the USA, December 2013 Figure 3:Population coverage for the four main US players at four different times Figure 4: LTE speeds according to T-Mobile Figure 5:Viewdini application Figure 6: The Simple Choice plan by T-Mobile Figure 7: Possible services for connected cars Figure 8: The new value proposition of share data plan AT&T from summer 2014 Figure 9: Verizon 4G LTE Broadband Router with Voice Figure 10: Total wireless capex/wireless revenues for the four main US MNOs over the last two years Figure 11: Data speed improvement resulting from Sprint tri-band LTE network Figure 12: New 700 MHz Block A licenses resulting from the purchase of spectrum to Verizon Figure 13: The 700 MHz band in the USA Figure 14:Initial proposal for 5 GHz band extension modified with the April 2014 decision Related Market Research Reports: World LTE Market Markets at June 2014 & Forecasts to 2018 A report (updated half-yearly) providing you with the state-of-the-art regarding LTE: overview of dynamics in LTE markets up to 2018 by geographical area and by technology.
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