Update: Donations Replace Blind Man’s Tools To Make Christmas Gifts

I wanted to build these kids something and now I cant, Gibson said Tuesday. I think someone who does something like that doesnt have much of a conscience. Gibson had suffered vision problems from glaucoma since he was a kid, but an industrial accident at a sawmill when he was 22 left him blind and without a job. He still works around power tools. With the table saw off, he puts his fingers over the opening in the table and slowly brings the blade up to the right height, feeling how far it rises above the piece of wood he wants to cut. He then moves the guide in place, plugs in the saw, turns it on and pushes the piece of wood across the spinning blade. I feel and keep my hands away from the blade.
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UPDATE: Donations Replace Blind Man’s Tools to Make Christmas Gifts

Gibson has been around woodworking most of his life. He started crafting benches out of cedar about six years ago. He sells some and gives others away as gifts. I dont make a lot of money, but I take in a few bucks to supplement my Social Security, he said. Mostly, hes sad that the children wont have their holiday benches. The bench I was making for the young girl down the street wont mean as much after Christmas as it would have on Christmas Day, Gibson said.
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