Update: Donations Replace Blind Man’s Tools To Make Christmas Gifts

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When he got inside his workshop Monday, his heart sank. He felt around and found that several tools a 1 3/4-horsepower router, a Rigid brand drill and impact driver, and four nail guns were missing. The garage door wasnt locked; Gibson had the padlock on the door, but not through the hasp. Whoever did it knew me, said Gibson, who admitted initially he was pretty mad. They knew I couldnt see them do it. He reported the theft to the Meridian Police Department, but hes not confident that the tools, which he valued at about $1,000, will ever be recovered.
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He figures they were stolen by someone looking to sell them for a few dollars to buy drugs. I hope they catch them, he said. Thats sad when you steal from someone who cant see. The items did not turn up during a check of local pawn shops, said Meridian Deputy Police Chief Tracy Basterrechea. Unfortunately, every year around Christmastime it seems like something like this happens, Basterrechea said.
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UPDATE: Donations Replace Blind Man’s Tools to Make Christmas Gifts

In addition to other woodworking items, Marshall makes numerous wood items using a Universal Laser Systems sealed unit to cut out and decorate the intricate patterns with a computer program that operates the laser. Last Modified: Saturday, December 27, 2014 at 7:39 p.m. Charlie Marshall has a retirement hobby that really cuts it. The Hillsborough, New Hampshire, native has turned a post-retirement enterprise of making custom cut templates in his workshop into a hobby of making complicated and intricate wooden objects of art. Marshall, 83, retired about 23 years ago after working in a machine shop and as a draftsman and computer mainframe operator with the state of New Hampshire and Blue Cross Blue Shield. He and his wife, Jane, loaded up a motor home and headed south. They were attracted to the warmth in Florida and bought a home in Rolling Greens, then later moved to Ocala East Villas.
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