Update: Donations Replace Blind Man’s Tools To Make Christmas Gifts

UPDATE: Donations Replace Blind Man’s Tools to Make Christmas Gifts

I hope they catch them, he said. Thats sad when you steal from someone who cant see. The items did not turn up during a check of local pawn shops, said Meridian Deputy Police Chief Tracy Basterrechea. Unfortunately, every year around Christmastime it seems like something like this happens, Basterrechea said. It makes you angry that someone could be so callous. The thief left a table saw and a compound sliding miter saw, worth more money than the tools that were stolen. Gibson figures the person or people likely were on foot and couldnt carry the saws. No one knows for sure, Basterrechea said.
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It’s just awesome, the outpouring.” Original story: MERIDIAN Jerry Gibson cant see, but hes walked to and from the detached garage he uses as a workshop so many times in the seven years hes lived on West Idaho Avenue that he doesnt need a cane. Mostly, he feels where he is by the position of his feet, walking across a thin grass strip between his modest house and fence, across a patio and up three steps to the garage. When he got inside his workshop Monday, his heart sank. He felt around and found that several tools a 1 3/4-horsepower router, a Rigid brand drill and impact driver, and four nail guns were missing.
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