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While this makes I2P useful for things like anonymized BitTorrent streams and the like, it does not have the scale or the level of additional protections that the Tor network provides. There are no tools to help get around state-imposed firewalls, for example, like Tor’s pluggable transports and bridges. But being small has made I2P less of a target for denial-of-service attacks and state blocking so far. That’s something that Silk Road Reloaded may change). There’s also not as much in the way of ready-made software and developer support for I2P as there is for Tor. But since I2P is based on Java, it is easily ported to new platforms.
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AnandTech | ECS LIVA X Review: A Fanless Bay Trail-M mini-PC

On a whim he contacted a custom ski operation out of Mammoth Lakes, Calif., called 333. He was surprised when they called and offered him an apprenticeship, so he packed his car and drove west. 333 consisted of a mobile workshop in a trailer, allowing the crew to travel anywhere, park and build skis. It was a powerful learning experience, he said. Their philosophy was build cheaply and sell cheaply, he said. But that wasnt what Sparks wanted, and he set his sights higher, taking the attitude that people involved in the ski industry are willing to spend more to get a better product. 333 ultimately didnt make it as a brand. Four years ago, after visiting a friend in Aspen for Thanksgiving, Sparks decided to move here permanently and started working at a tune shop.
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Solace Enables IBM-based Application Infrastructure to Meet Demands of Next-Generation Applications – Yahoo Finance

The following gallery from ECS provides more insight into the LIVA X, and the picture that follows compares it against the LIVA. Gallery: ECS LIVA and LIVA X Note that the USB ports in the LIVA X are in a more accessible location compared to the LIVA. We also have an additional USB 2.0 port, which is definitely welcome. On the downside, the unit is no longer powered by a micro-USB connector.
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That meant choosing the right supplier was a business critical decision,” said Mr. M Aruna Kumar, General Manager, Core Network Planning (CNP), BSNL India. “With a proven history of delivering high-quality networking solutions and world-class service and support, Coriant met all our key requirements for this network expansion initiative.” “The ever-increasing demand for greater network capacity is nowhere more apparent than in the financial services industry. Financial communications services require flexible and resilient connectivity, and always-on performance to meet mission-critical business demands,” said Mikko Lavanti, Executive Vice President of Sales, Coriant. “Our 8100 Managed Access System will allow BSNL to continue to deliver reliable broadband services to its customers, while at the same time enable them to expand and seamlessly scale their high-capacity service offerings in a manageable and secure environment.” The new BSNL network will also utilize the robust capabilities of the Coriant(TM) 8000 Intelligent Network Manager (INM). With this single management system, the 8000 INM offers service providers full end-to-end support for commissioning and monitoring services, making service changes, and performing troubleshooting.
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BSNL of India Strengthens Network Offering with Coriant – Yahoo Finance

Integrating Solace message routers with IBM MQ applications allows companies to meet the needs of modern applications that require streaming real-time data, big data scale, e-commerce functionality, reach to mobile devices and connectivity with the Internet of Things,” said Shawn McAllister, CTO at Solace. “Solace also provides a path for companies to upgrade the performance, improve the behavior and lower the cost of ownership of legacy applications by selectively migrating applications from MQ to Solace where it makes sense to do so.” Solace simplifies the architecture and operation of application infrastructure by providing a unified platform for SOA/ESB/JMS, mobile, desktop, REST, MQTT, and WAN distribution. Solace offers high availability through fault tolerance with consistently fast failovers, and fully-integrated replication for disaster recovery without the complexity of SAN storage replication. A pure hardware datapath ensures fast, consistent performance under all conditions, which is critical for e-commerce and other real-time applications. Each Solace message router can handle the workload of dozens of WebSphere MQ queue managers, so customers can consolidate datacenter footprint and eliminate the expense of building out and administering a horizontally-scaled clustered infrastructure. Solace’s built-in virtualization capability lets many applications and queue managers share the capacity of each message router, which further minimizes cost and simplifies both architecture and operations.
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