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A. It’s likely that your router isn’t strong enough to send a good signal to your bedroom. In that case, get a Wi-Fi extender and put it in the middle of your home. You might also have a neighbor near that side of the house whose Wi-Fi network is conflicting with yours. To find out easily, grab a free program like Vistumbler .
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Secure Unowned Hierarchical Anycast Root Name Service – And an Apologia

We called this unowned anycast because unlike DNS root name server addresses which each belonged to some root name server operator, the name servers to whom the NAT address space had been delegated, belonged to nobody in particular. It is therefore possible to answer queries for the NAT address space (Nets 10, 192.168, and 172.12) at any layer of the routing hierarchy. You can serve this DNS content from your DNS server itself, so that when it tries to reach the appropriate name servers it ends up talking to itself. Or you can serve this DNS content at a name server visible to your whole department, or your whole campus, or your whole ISP, or your whole country. Of course, the further up the hierarchy you have to go to get an answer, the less useful that answer will be to you, because other customers of your ISP or other Internet users in your country, are likely to use the NAT address ranges differently than you do. Nevertheless such name servers are still valuable wherever they are, because they keep this “junk traffic” from reaching the DNS root name servers, and they avoid wasting expensive long-haul Internet capacity on traffic which will likely benefit nobody. And of course, there are name servers of last resort, which are visible in the global Internet routing table, and which are reachable from anywhere on the Internet.
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Maybe we can sic her on all those east side wild turkeys. I suppose Id be ruled out because I dont have a mini-van. Eric Schnurer. The consultant accused of plagiarizing his own work now must write every single jobs plan from scratch, using different words. That might take a long time.
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