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Interview With (Totally Lame) Vampires | Village Voice

Interview With (Totally Lame) Vampires

They could be called anything from IP VPN to metro Ethernetor whatever the carriers marketing departments dream up next. The fundamental concept behind MPLS Networks ( ) is that of labeling packets. In a traditional routed IP network, each router makes an independent forwarding decision for each packet based solely on the packets network-layer header. Thus, every time a packet arrives at a router, the router has to think through where to send the packet next. With MPLS, the first time the packet enters a network, its assigned to a specific forwarding equivalence class (FEC), indicated by appending a short bit sequence (the label) to the packet.
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Global MPLS Network Providers

Jokes Waititi, “We’re into making sustainable films.” Still, they kept their budget so low that they decided not to hire other actors to play the documentary crew, and made peace with gloriously lo-fi special effects, like superimposing Clement’s face on the body of a hissing black cat. According to Clement, What We Do in the Shadows is what Interview With the Vampire should have been. “Where’s the interview?” huffs Clement. “The interview’s such a small part of that! This is more like, if you got to interview them, what other questions would you have?” In uncomfortable chairs at their favorite cafe, Clement and Waititi brainstormed long lists of vampire trivia.
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Sequans Communications Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2014 Financial Results – Yahoo Finance

These non-GAAP measures have limitations in that the non-GAAP measures we use may not be directly comparable to those reported by other companies. We seek to compensate for this limitation by providing a reconciliation of the non-GAAP financial measures to the most directly comparable IFRS measures in the table attached to this press release. About Sequans Communications Sequans Communications S.A. ( SQNS ) is a 4G chipmaker and leading provider of single-mode LTE chipset solutions to wireless device manufacturers worldwide. Founded in 2003, Sequans has developed and delivered six generations of 4G technology and its chips are certified and shipping in 4G networks, both LTE and WiMAX, around the world.
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