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Shape B demi bull nose router bit 2cm (3/4") pos. 1 hand grinder

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Freud 99-480 1/2-Inch Shank Base Cap Router Bit, Matches Industry …

Freud 99-480 1/2-Inch Shank Base Cap Router Bit, Matches Industry Standard Profile No.163 –

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Router Bit Profiles Glossary | | Your Source for …

Review our detailed router bit photo glossary to assist you when making your router bit selection. At Toolstoday, you receive the highest quality customer service …

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Freud 99-762 New Premier Adjustable Rail and Stile System Shaker …

Freud 99-762 New Premier Adjustable Rail and Stile System Shaker Profile Long Tenon Shank Router Bit, 1/2-Inch –

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Router Bit Profiles – Woodworking Tools | Woodworking Supplies

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Hi asked How to set up a password for net gear router on a dell laptop?

So it use to be easy to set up a password because I would have to click disconnect then connect then it would say something and then I would click that and it would lock the router and give the password. But now it just connects automatically without giving me the option. So how can I lock my router? Thank you. 🙂

And got the following answer:


When you connect to a wireless network, if the ‘Connect Automatically’ option is selected, the system creates a network profile and you no longer need to connect manually or enter the password. This is working as designed.

However, if you want that you should be prompted to enter the password each time you want to connect the network, you may delete the network profile, the while connecting, un-check the ‘Connect Automatically’ option. Check the link below to know how to delete a network profile:

Hope this helps.


ben n asked How do I go about routering a poplar window sill-1×6. How do I choose the right depth bit?

And got the following answer:

Poplar, like any deminsioned wood is best profilled with the plank clamped to a firm work table. You usually don’t have room to operate a router on a window sill, if the plank is fitted to the window jamb. Choose what ever profile bit you prefer, usually a “round over” or “champher” bit is ok. Cut your sill panel to fit the window jamb, then set the router to cut approximately half the depth of your finish cut. Make that first cut down the length of your panel, then reset your router to approximately 3/4 the depth of your required cut. Run that depth, then reset the router to make approximately a 1/32″ to 1/16″ final cut, and run that last cut with the router. Doing the multiple cuts, helps to prevent tear-out of the grain. Poplar is usually a smooth cutting material, but trying to make the profile in one pass, will usually cause chatter & tear-out that will make the piece harder to finish sand. – good luck – try running a sample board just to practice first!

Bill2006 asked How fast should I spin my 3.25-inch router bit when making raised panel?

I’m making raised panel cabinet doors using an MLCS brand 3.25-inch raised panel bit and a variable speed router that can run from a low of 1000 rpm to a high of 10,000 rpm. How fast should I spin the bit? The wood I’m using is 0.75-inch red oak. Is there a maximum speed above which I should not spin the bit? It sure makes me nervous to think about the holes that might form in my chest should the bit fly apart at 10,000 rpm.

And got the following answer:

You should use the bit at 10,000 rpm. The thing you want to avoid is taking of to much wood at 1 time. Try a scrap piece of oak first. If it cuts the profile in 1 pass, good. If it won’t, do it in 2 or 3 passes, taking a little at a time.

bhavan asked What is the difference between RAS Server and RADIUS Server?

Hey i have a bit confusion between a RAS Server and RADIUS Server..
Are both of them are used for remote access connectivity or something different and what are the purpose of deploying any or both the above servers. And how does it works…

Do a router provides the same function as these servers..
Thank all of you in advance

And got the following answer:

RAS is routing and remote access server as you mentioned
RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service ) is AAA (authentication, Authorization and Accounting) server, it has different rule, it is used as central DB for authentication, for example if you have 100 user that need to access some devices, instead of storing all the 100 user profile on each device , you store it in on a radius server, and all device will contact it when it need authentication, (of course these devices should support radius ).

router will do routing part of RAS,and do it more efficiently and may provide remote access as additional feature,

♣Ally♣ asked What all do i need to get to access the internet on my laptop?

I have a Gateway MX6214 that i got from a previous owner at a good price. it has a built in integrated Broadcom 802.11a/g card and i can see where the previous owner had a lyncsys card or router i believe. he removed a lot of his programs and stuff so i was wanting to know what all i need to get to get on the internet wirelessly with my laptop. thanks. and also, im gonna throw this in there since i dont know a whole lot about laptops and networking and all, whats the best way to copy data from my desktop here to my new laptop? like all my music files and such? and what would i need to do this? thanks.

And got the following answer:

“Buyer Beware” Sad how we over look this, granted if your seller was a friend, then you should have known better, but thats a different story.

You may need to format and reinstall an updated operating system. This will help guide you through your connection issues. The last owner had the laptop configured for a linksys profile and you may have to manually adjust these settings to be able to enter the internet.

As I have told others in the computer related topics area, often your computers manufacture/network adapter has an information “help center”. ie center

Your second question:

There are many ways to transfer data from one device to another, some have similar transfer rates, while others may take time and cause headaches.

Often you can simply create a “network” between your two computers. Using the “Network profiler” or “Detect network” and a crossover cable. 9 out of 10 times you can use a RJ 45 crossover cable. This RJ45 is similar to a standard phone cord, but a bit wider. Connect the two devices via RJ45 or a USB/USB connection set up a network and you can transfer your data.

Another easy way, but may cost a few dolors. Copy what you want from your desk top onto a writable cd. Most cd’s today can hold 700 mb of storage. But once you have written something on the cd’s, you can not remove the data.

bettsjw asked What is the danger of using a router bit labled as ‘router table only’ in a hand-held router?

I need to use an oversized ogee bit in my router to cut a detail in a round piece of MDF. All of the bits that fit the profile say ‘router table only’. I believe that MDF is soft enough to keep me from being killed.

And got the following answer:

You should be ok as long as you don’t try to take all the material out in one pass. Make multiple passes taking out a little at a time.

The problem is if you try to force the bit at one pass, the router could get away from you.

Remember to wear safety glasses!