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pilotcookie asked What do i need to make some basic furniture like a wooden bench or picture frames, little boxes etc?

What i mean is for example what kind of saw for wooden things, sander, drill? and where do i buy them? I am looking for the cheapest ones since it will be only for hobby. any help what to buy before starting to do anything?

And got the following answer:

I think you can make just about anything with a drill, circular saw and a router if you know how to use them and know how to make a couple of simple jigs.
I would caution you about getting the cheapest tools you can find though. Cheap tools tend to break easily, and can hurt you. They also tend to be underpowered, and may not cut straight. You don’t need professional quality stuff. Expect to pay about $60 for a decent drill, $80 for the saw, and $80 to $100 for the router. You will also need good bits and blades. Buy a decent set of drill bits, about $30. Buy one or two good blades for your saw (type of blade depends on what you plan on cutting, maybe a combination blade and a laminate blade), and buy individual router bits for the specific profile you want to cut (may be a 1/4″ round over and a 1/4″ chamfer to start). Cheep router bits, especially in a set, will burn the wood. You will also need a good extension cord (worth its weight in gold).
When I was first getting started on making stuff I had these three power tools (and a palm sander), as well as my hand tools. I was able to build furniture, make kitchen cabinet doors, and build a small boat.
The key to using these power tools is making jigs, which you can now find plans for on line.
For example: http://www.toolcrib.com/blog/2009/03/17/14-circular-saw-jig-plans-crosscut-jigs-ripping-jigs-and-more/
I have bought power tools before at Amazon.com (dewalt and porter cable brands). You can also go to Lowes or Home Depot to find half way decent starter tools. Stay away from Craftsman power tools (i.e. cheap Crapsman). I have a grave yard of Craftsman power tools and yard equipment.

popcorn asked Which SANDER all rounder?

Thanks for taking part
Basically Im new to sanders and dont know what to buy, spend online alredy few hours, feeling confused, cos there are no sanders that perfect :/
I need one for restoration of different items – big, small, with lots of details, so it got to be multi sander with few small attachments, triangle, round base (but Random Orbit). Its got to be powerful enough but small, my hands arnt strong. Also very important it should not vibrate too much as I had wrist trauma. Also I work in a flat, so it has to have good suction ideally hoover attachment.
Am I asking too much from 1 sander?
What do you think of B&D mouse, cyclone or KA226GB?
Ideally I would go for Bosh/Dewalt/Hitachi, but I havnt found anything similar to what I need
thank you!~

And got the following answer:

Margo, I have a great option for you and it is dust free. It is the Fein Multimaster. It works great for all kinds of things and it has an attachment for a vacuum hose. The one I came with came with different profile attachments for sanding rounded stuff, coves etc. It may not be the best for larger things, but for smaller things it is the best tool I have ever owned. you could maybe get one of these and a palm sander. Dewalt and porter cable make good palm sanders.


Ryan asked how to use a Porter Cable 9444VS Variable Speed Profile Sander?

Hi my dad has a Porter Cable 9444VS Variable Speed Profile Sander and i want to know how to use it since it looks like it could be useful in my guitar building. maybe not but still interested thanks

And got the following answer:

Ask your dad if you can use it.
Tell him why you want to use it and offer to pay for any sandpaper you use.
Ask him how to use it properly and there probably wont be any problems.

Best of luck.