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Porter-Cable Impact Driver – Home Improvement – Compare Prices …

Porter-Cable Impact Driver – 61 results like Porter-Cable PC18ID 18V 1/4 in. Impact Driver (Bare Tool), Porter-Cable PCL180IDK-2 18V Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/4 in …

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PORTER-CABLE Bare-Tool PC18ID 18-Volt Cordless Impact Driver (Tool …

Porter-Cable’s PC18ID Bare Tool 18-volt cordless impact driver supplies reliable high torque in conjunction with a host of helpful features and a durable …

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PORTER-CABLE PC218IDC-2 18-Volt NiCd Drill/Impact Driver 2-Tool …

Porter-Cable’s PC218IDC-2 18-volt NiCd drill/impact driver 2-tool kit features the PC1801D drill/driver and the PC1800ID impact driver, a combination that provides …

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PORTER-CABLE Bare-Tool PC18ID 18-Volt Cordless Impact Driver (Tool …

Porter-Cable’s PC18ID Bare Tool 18-volt cordless impact driver supplies reliable high torque in conjunction with a host of helpful features and a durable …

Original Source: http://www.amazon.com/PORTER-CABLE-Bare-Tool-PC18ID-18-Volt-Cordless/dp/B003EAQU6G

My Tools: Craftsman 19.2 Volt Impact Driver

This is my Craftsman 19.2 Volt impact driver.


John asked 18V Cordless M18 1/4-in Hex High Performance Impact Driver – 2650-20 Vs Milwaukee 2650-21 18-Volt?

I already bought a Milwaukee 2650-21 18-Volt Compact Impact Driver Kit, found : http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270888262931

and stumbled upon this kit here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=181036872093&fromMakeTrack=true&ssPageName=VIP:watchlink:top:en

Are these impact drivers the same as far as quality? The prices are the same so would it be better to go with the combo kit with the drill and return the one I already bought? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

And got the following answer:

Yes the impact driver is the same identical tool, so the option is yours to return the drill and buy this kit (would probably save you some money) and is what I would do.

However I have found that I like Porter Cable 18v impact drivers, they power through just about anything, and I have even broken bolts,screws, and bits with it due to its power. I had a Dewalt 18v it was also good, and I had a Makita it was good too, I literally wore them out, this Porter Cable driver with lithium 18v battery has been with me 2 years now and I use it at work almost everyday and it has been dropped beat around and heavily used and it is still going strong, when it dies I will get another one.

michael b asked i have a choice between to power tools!?

i have a choice between a porter cable lithium drill combo with a impact driver, and a craftsman sliding compound miter saw with a stand.
my question is if someone was to choose which of these to get or keep, which would it be?
which would be the best for me to have, and be more productive?

And got the following answer:

I have many years of woodworking and DIYing behind me. In all that time, I never found a need for an impact drill. I had a Dewalt compound miter saw. It was my most valued tool.

dirtbiker78965 asked Which is better makita or dewalt?

Getting a drill, impact driver, sawzall, light. All 18v lithium ion. Probobly the kit. But i know for makita you can get lxt or compact which is better? All help is needed and welcomed i need as many responses as possible tell your friends to answer too please!!

And got the following answer:

It’s kind of a Ford or Chevy type of question because there are those that swear by both of them. Panasonic makes the batteries for both manufacturers and several others. I’ve used both of them and I work with people that have full sets of each and a couple of Milwaukee guys, too, so you can’t go wrong either way.

You definitely want to get a kit so you only have to buy one charger and two batteries, though it’s always nice to have extra, especially if you travel from job site to job site. That way you can keep a charger at home or in the shop and one in your tool kit. The extended run batteries are a lot better (and expensive) than the compacts but obviously run a lot longer and need to be charged a lot less frequently. Both will do the heavy stuff, but the compacts will only do it for a short time before needing to be recharged. If you’re going to use them hard, then you really want the extended run batteries because you’ll kill the smaller ones.

Do some shopping because it’s a very competitive field and a lot of the big online retailers have sales. They usually offer slightly different kit numbers, which contain very slightly different accessories to make it difficult to accurately compare prices, but as long as the tool numbers are the same and they use the same batteries, you should be able to compare. It also makes it impossible to take an online price to Home Depot or Lowe’s and have them give you a 10% price match discount because the model numbers will be different. Amazon, CPO Tools http://www.cpooutlets.com Tool Barn http://www.toolbarn.com and Tyler Tools http://www.tylertools.com are some of the big online retailers.

Give a thought to reconditioned tools, too. I will never buy another new power tool again as you can usually get a reconditioned one for about half the price. I’ve bought dozens for myself and the shops I’ve run over the years and have never had a bad experience. The batteries are always new and everything comes with the manufacturer’s original warranty. Reconditioned Sales http://www.reconditionedsales.com carries mostly Hitachi and Makita, while CPO, Tool Barn, Tyler, and Amazon sell all makes. A little internet search and you’ll find others, I’m sure. I can’t say enough about reconditioned tools because the amount of money you save will allow you to buy another tool or extended run battery or two, depending on the kit you’re looking at. I very rarely see any sign of use on anything I’ve bought reconditioned, including my MacBook Pro, so if you’re worried about the appearance, don’t. Again, do some online shopping to find the best deal and look for free shipping, whether you’re buying new or reconditioned.

Again, either Makita or DeWalt will do the job for you, no matter what anyone says. There will always be those that had a bad experience with one or the other and they’re probably pretty close, anyway. Black & Decker/DeWalt owns Porter-Cable and Delta and Stanley now owns Black & Decker, so it’s all kind of coming together. Just shop around because there can be huge differences in price between a home center and some of the big online stores. I always check Amazon to see what the baseline price is because I can usually find tools cheaper somewhere else.

michael b asked Which cordless power tool combo?

im looking to buy a good inexpensive power tool combo set. I need to get the sawzaw, drill, trim saw, and the impact drill or driver. The light is optional!
Ive been looking at craftsman because of the price, and also porter cable.
Anyone has a any good idea which to get let me know!
Thanks to all who help!

And got the following answer:

i have been buying power tools for alot of years and i have come to find out that the quality of brands tend to change. whe n i was young craftman made an outstanding power tool but over the years just like everything else it has gotten cheap. my recomendation is either dewalt and make sure you get the hd( heavy duty) model or porter cable which i have never personaly used but i have herd good things about it. my persona favorite is dewalt that is all i will buy.

captainfreedomspace asked Carpenters, what cordless set do you recommend?

I have just started woodworking and would like to start a cordless collection. I’ll start with the basics: drill, circular, palm sander, router. Can you all recommend a good brand. I know Dewalt is top of the line but it is out of my price range. My father has a small set of Ryobi 18v and seems happy with it. Is this a good set? Please also recommend some other necessary tools. I have several hand tools: screwdrivers, plyers, clamps.
I’ll probably start building simple projects: bookshelves, a ladder for a bunk bed, a child’s drafting table.

And got the following answer:

There is no blanket brand that is best for every single tool. And to go cordless with every tool is not wise. No, Dewalt is not top of the line, they just have a rep. This is my list on many years experience.

Drills – Panasonic, yes Panasonic, makes the finest drills around. Pick up one of the cordless combo packs with a drill and impact driver and you will be astounded at the performance and accuracy of the tools. They are the only drill maker that delivers torque at even levels no matter what speed the chuck is spinning. In other words, other brands derive higher torque by spinning faster which makes for sloppy work if you dig in too deep or start off at top speed. These are the best cordless drills and priced near Milwaukees. I gave my Dewalt cordless to my Dad after discovering Panasonics. Don’t buy a hammer drill unless you are doing extensive work with concrete drilling. If they are out of your price range, go Craftsman as their replacement batteries are dirt cheap. Keep a decent corded drill around just in case.

Circ Saw – Many fine brands out there, but Bosch fits my hand very well. Pick up the saw and see how it fits in your hand. Circ. saws must be comfortable or you will make sloppy cuts. If you need high power and are cutting very thick pieces of wood a worm drive Skil Saw is the way to go. Comfort and weight is key and Bosch works best for me in this dept. Cordless circ saws are a waste of money in my opinion. The battery life is horrific on any brand I have used. If these are too much money for you (Bosch circ saw is around $110), then I really don’t know what to say. Just buy anything that is comfortable and in your price range.

Sanders – Porter Cable makes great sanders. Again, stay clear of cordless in this department as the batteries just can’t keep up. If you are working on a tight budget, skip the sander all together and spend more on better saws and drills. Elbow grease replaces any sander at 1/100th the price.

Router – Porter Cable again in this dept. Honestly, I won’t go near any other brand router. The true cost of a router begins AFTER you buy one. Bit sets are very expensive and you may be better off buying trim that matches the type of edges you want. Cut them to size and glue on the corners.

Those are the tools you listed. Cordless tools have advantages when used properly. Anything that runs for long periods of time (sander, jig saw, etc) will be a huge disappointment to you. If you absolutely must have one of those cordless combo sets and Dewalt is too expensive, go with Craftsman or Ryobi.

If all you have is some hand tools and you want to make furniture properly, be ready to shell out at least $1000 on power tools. It sounds like the things you want to work on are indoor projects. For the projects you listed, skip the circ saw and buy a miter saw.

Making things for around the house is very rewarding so keep at it. For shelves, go buy a $100 miter saw (Lowes has a Hitachi for $100 I believe as does Ryobi and Craftsman), wood glue, a Craftsman cordless drill (get corded if you do not already have one, cheap cordless drills can’t match the power of a corded drill), a carpenters square, a level, and some screws. Sand the pieces first, assemble, and finish with some stain. Build up your skills with the basics first and things will make more sense when you go shopping for power tools. Have fun!

projectcloud1187 asked Reputable brands of air compressors?

Looking at buying a small air compressor (2-5 gallon) for auto and home use (also into building furniture) and was wondering what were reputable brands for air compressors. I am looking to stay under $150. I will be looking to use brad nailer, stapler, air hose, and possibly an impact driver. Thanks.

Campbell Hausfield, Craftsman Evolv, All Power America?

And got the following answer:

==== porter cable at Lowe’s gives you the best value for your budget === the thing that I would look for at any level of price or brand name is the warranty — I had a couple and the second one was to replace the 1st because I did not drain and dry the tank on a daily basis === a note of caution/help to you —- the tank will build up moisture and condensation and this turns to rust and will eat the parts of the compressor and the valves and air seals SO if you want it to last please plan to care for the tool…SEARS has good accessories and nailers-staplers-impacts — the hose can go either way a plastic coil or rubber line ….. the Lowe’s unit has a 6 gallon tank and is at $160.00 … shop Sears for the best deal and compare units……….