Meet Your Curbed Young Guns Finalists: The Multitaskers – Young Guns 2014 – Curbed National


Like my mother, I want to be prepared for things that might not be my forte, like project management and real estate. I don’t want people to put their fingers in my mouth because I don’t know about those things. I’m an obsessive overachiever. I always thought I’m just going to try for all of it or nothing.” His work: Location: Miami, Florida What he does: Founder, Architect, and LEED AP at Trachtenberg /// Do you consider yourself primarily an architect, a developer, or a partron of the arts, or is some combination of the above most accurate? “Architects are typically renaissance men that can somehow produce multiple things and think on multiple levels, so if I can be called that I’d be very happy. Miami is going through something of a renaissance, and I find myself very fortunate to be here during this time to contribute to the movement. What I’m working on here transcends the concept of architecture; it’s also this concept of development.
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