Li-fi Protocol Allows Use Of The Internet At The Speed Of Light

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Maggie Stremel, of Chicago, works from her laptop, June 26, 2014, while waiting for the Amtrak to Chicago, at Stone Creek Coffee in Milwaukee, where they have a very liberal Wi-Fi policy. (Gary Porter/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/MCT)

The Li-Fi device circulates data via LEDs that emit an intermittent flicker at a speed imperceptible to the human eye. “As Wi-Fi uses cables to spread our connections, wireless transmission Li-Fi uses LED lamps that emit high brightness light”, said Arturo Campos Fentanes, CEO of Sisoft in Mexico. Another advantage in comparison to Wi-Fi is that there is no way to hack the signal since the internet is transmitted by light, there is no way to “steal it”. Furthermore, it can be installed in hospitals areas that use radiation apparatus and generally block or distort internet signal, Campos Fentanes said. With this new technology expansion through the market is seeked, with lower costs and a service increased by five thousand percent internet speed.
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They also use the technology to gather data about customers for marketing purposes. Theres no such thing as a free lunch, so if you are getting a free service from someone, youre probably agreeing to something in return, said Thad Nation, executive director of Wired Wisconsin, a nonprofit group focused on telecommunications issues. For a large retailer, information is as valuable as anything else, Nation said. Businesses wouldnt offer free Wi-Fi if people didnt spend money there and keep coming back. They make sure youre comfortable and have electrical outlets because a happy customer is a repeat customer. Wi-Fi hot spots can ease boredom while waiting for a service, such as a dentist appointment, and sometimes they help keep customers at a business longer so they can spend more money.
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