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Garage Organization Ideas, Garage Storage & Organization Systems

Create a manageable garage with our Garage Organization Ideas, so as to get rid of garage clutter. Garage Storage System includes shelves, hooks and drawers etc.

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Best Garage Design Ideas Pictures Gallery 2013

Helping you plan your garage layout with diy home design ideas, online photo gallery, reviews and free garage software.

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Aluminum Melamine Garage – contemporary – garage and shed – new …

This garage work bench is built in brushed aluminum and white melamine with plenty of drawer storage. The aluminum wall track with a variety of storage hooks

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Garage Designs of St. Louis – Complete Garage Organization Solutions

Garage Designs of St. Louis offers organization solutions including garage cabinets, overhead systems and wall storage solutions. Free in-garage estimates.

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Garage Organization Ideas, Garage Storage & Organization Systems

Create a manageable garage with our Garage Organization Ideas, so as to get rid of garage clutter. Garage Storage System includes shelves, hooks and drawers etc.

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Desk, computer and garage work bench plans

Some stuff i got today! Building a new workbench for the garage at the moment so stay tuned! :D.


LuLu-Pea asked Why am I so messy and how do I stop it?

Hey, I know this may sound a little weird but I need some advice, anything you can suggest will be greatly appreciated. When I say I’m messy I don’t mean “Oh, there are a few socks on the floor in the corner of the room and some paper on the table.” I mean I literally having to climb over cloths on the floor, avoid up turned plugs and battle my way through my stuff just to get to bed. I’m not dirty, I just lack the ability to pack stuff away as I figure that it’s all going to be used again so why bother?

Now, this wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that i lose EVERYTHING! My school books, homework, clothing, money. Anything and everything will get lost when I get my hands on it. As you can imagine this has resulted in my teachers getting rather angry at me and me cursing whenever I need something and I can’t find it. Yet, I am peculiar about somethings, for example the books on my shelf have to be 5cm away from the edge and in the order I’ve placed them otherwise all hell breaks loose (my poor dad) and when painting for art I HAVE to have a clean plate to mix my paints on. But, again I don’t mind when I get paint on my hands or having stuff everywhere. I just need to learn how to keep my room a little cleaner as it would save me time and energy as opposed to me spending a weekend just cleaning it.

So, if anyone is a fellow slob like me how do you handle it? Or if you know a slob how do you get them to clean up and live in a cleaner and happier environment? I just think that now is a good time to nip this little beast in the bud before it becomes really problematic in the future.

Thank you 😀

And got the following answer:

Yeah…those answers above this one, really didn’t address your question kindly…so, here goes:

I think you’ve answered your own question. You know this isn’t best for how you live; what you need to do. First, set a date and your calendar for a clean up day…and keep it. You’re really a neat person, who is just overwhelmed by the daunting task you’ve set yourself up for. Make a plan…can you afford a few nice bins? Can you avoid swearing so loud? (your poor dad) ha Write down that plan, and refer to it as you go. Buy bins. Sort clothes. Clear floor. Think about where you’ll store things, and move toward that goal.

Applying your logic that “everything will get used again, anyway” isn’t working. Would you apply that to used dishes? Kleenex? You’re inviting pests, odors, and bacteria to live in your room…and I agree it’s time to “nip”. Nip, nip, nip….I don’t want to see you on Hoarders next year!

It’s very do-able…just take it in steps, checking things off your list, until it’s done. I just did this in a single garage-sized storage shed, after two years of just chucking things inside, and closing the door!
Now, it’s all shelved, and in clear bins. At a glance, I can see everything, which saves a LOT of time.
Once done, I had room for a workbench and tool storage, too. I have a touch of OCD, but I use it to my advantage, not as an excuse.

You will be SO proud of your work; your room, once this is finished. I’d love to help you, so maybe someone else would, too. Oh…and under-bed storage is good for seasonal clothes and shoes!
There are tons of ideas online, too. Make this your mission…and you’ll be loving that room again.

Ignore detractors. You’re not lazy…you’re likely just a teen who needs to find a little balance in some areas. Best to you…proud of you for figuring it out. Takes awhile to do. I’m still working on it!

raulkc asked I would like to know of any web sites that instruct on how to build simple wood garage shelves for free.?

I am a novice with woodworking and am just looking for an easy to build workbench or storage shelve instructions for my garage that I can use free.

And got the following answer: have a number of project instructions and ideas on their website, Lowes also gives you many project ideas and instructions for free, otherwise, do as suggested and buy the wood and some brackets, it’s very easy. Good luck! (I’ve included a link below for building a workbench)

DJ asked How can I reuse an old garage door?

I want to remove my old wooden garage door and put it to use. I was thinking make a bookcase or a headboard or even just make a piece of art. Any how to’s? or any other ideas?

And got the following answer:

Every shelf in my garage is an old door section, except for the workbench.

cledus asked How do i get a search warrant for the landon garage in csi maimi?

I am Stuck I can’t get ronni to talk or the judge i show ronni the picture and all she says is don’t ask me i don’t have no idea so can somebuddy please help me

And got the following answer:

Case 1 – Later Gator

Go to crime scene and talk to the witness/suspects: Ty Landon and Judge Lawford. Ask all questions.

Then search the crime area: Pick up forearm and use the swab at the wrist area.

Go to Lab: Give all evidence to Valera. Check oily substance under Image Enhancement. Search DNA in computer.

Go to Morgue: Ask all questions. Check stomach contents and find 2 items: PDA and silver bracelet.

Go to Lab: Give new evidence to Valera. Do Cryptogram on computer:

I am ending it right now. My family is being ripped apart

from everything I’ve done. You will never see me again.

Go to Golfcourse: Talk to Ty Landon.

Go to Yelina: Get address for the Cole’s.

Go to Cole’s Home Deck: Ask Ms Cole all questions.

Search Cole’s Deck: Use magnifier on the paint tube, take fiber and paint tube. Close up on saw and take it, close-up of golfbag.

Ask Ms Cole new question.

Go to Lab: Give new evidence to Valera. Search hair under Image Enhancement and compare for a match.

Go to Yelina: Ask new questions for address.

Go to Landon’s Garage:

Talk to Jessica (Ty and Ronni’s daughter): Ask all questions.

Go into garage: Talk to Ronni, ask all questions.

Go to Golf Course: Talk to Ty, ask new questions.

Go to Crime Scene at Golf Course: Use luminesce on the grass and use swab.

Go to Bridge on Golf Course: Get close-up of regurgitation and take it. Get close-up of plastic scrap and take it.

Go to Lab: Give new evidence to Valera. Check plastic scrap under microscope.

Go to Yelina: Get address for Judge Lawford.

Go to Judge’s Study: Ask all questions.

Go to Yelina: Get copy of Ronni Landon’s divorce papers.

Go to Lab: Give divorce papers to Valera.

Go to Ronni Landon’s Garage: Ask new questions.

Search for new evidence: Find plastic scrap. Get close-up of golf bag, find picture in pocket of golf bag. Use magnifier on picture, take fiber and picture.

Go to Ronni: Ask new questions.

Go to Lab: Give new evidence to Valera. Use image enhancement to search and compare fibers. Compare plastic scraps.

Go to Golf Course: Ask Ty new questions.

Go to Judge Lawford: Ask new questions.

Go to Yelina: Ask new questions.

Interrogation Room: Talk to Jessica. Ask all new questions.

Go to Cole’s Deck: Ask Ms Cole new questions.

Go to Lonni’s Garage: Ask new questions.

Go to Cole’s Deck: Ask Ms Cole new questions.

Go to Yelina: Get search warrant for Landon Garage.

Go to Landon Garage: Get close-up of window, get fingerprint from window ledge. Check 1st locker from the right, find severed hand in Lonnie’s golfbag. Check 2nd locker from the right, find Ty’s golfbag. Go to workbench and use flashlight on bottom shelf, find blade cover and swab the oily substance and take saw cover.

five dude asked what could i do for money?

i am going to start to build things and sell them like:

picnic tables
dog houses
pretty much anything bigger that is made from wood

i want to do something else like take broken electronics apart and sell the good working parts from them or fix up antiques anything really

anybody have any ideas on what i could build, buy and fix, buy and sell working things from,

or where i could get anything to buy and fix/restore,refinish in central new york?

And got the following answer:

To get things very cheap or free, go to garage sales near the end of the day. Offer to take the broken things away for them. Look for a goodwill outlet store and join and look on craigslist. there is a free section on craigslist.