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Evan asked Easy Woodshop Projects?

I need some really easy Woodshop Projects for class. Any ideas?

And got the following answer:

A serving tray for nuts in the shape of a nut. My Dad made one when he was a kid in high-school. It’s real simple and still cool to this day, I have it on my coffee table. I can take some pictures if you want.

Rachie asked I need a easy project to make in woodshop?

We are making anything we want in class now, but I don’t know what to make. It’s going to be for my dad for Christmas. We only have four classes left. Does anyone have any ideas what I can make? Thanks alot!
Well thanks guys, but I only got 4 days (40 minute class) left. Till Christmas so can you guys give me a cool, and fast idea for my dad.

And got the following answer:

Pencil holder. Glue two pieces of wood together at right angles making an upside down “T” shape… drill some holes in the vertical piece big enough to hold pencils. Stain, paint, carve, decorate any old way… voila!

damianek101 asked Why is it important to keep a woodshop clean?

I have been slaving over this for about three hours now and I only came up with two. Can anyone help me out. I need six more.

And got the following answer:

*So you don’t slip and fall.
*So you can find your tools.
*To decrease a fire hazard.
*to keep all guards and safety devices clean and in working order.
* So you can keep debris and dust out of your finished work.
*so you can keep track of pieces you are working on.
* So it is easier to take inventory for things you may need for the shop or your next project.
*So potential clients wont think your a slob.

tigresavalialvi asked What’s a good woodshop project that can be finished in less than 4 weeks?

something easy, with Jack Skellington (From nightmare before Christmas, I can burn him on the wood) anyways, I need a woodshop project to finish before June, any ideas?

And got the following answer:

A trunk or storage box.

A wall shelf.

A serving tray.

A door plaque.

A bird house.

Kirk asked What are some good first year projects in woodshop?

This is my 8th grade year and also my first year in woodshop and I am trying to come up with some neat (but relatively simple) ideas for projects in my woodshop class. I am kind of leaning toward the idea of making a yo yo with different types of wood in it. Is that a good idea for a first year project? Any other suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

And got the following answer:

A lot depends on what kind of woodworking you’re learning.

A yo-yo sounds cool, perhaps with different woods laminated together, then carved. You might want to start with an easier piece. You could make a box with a simple lid, then do a lid with carving or inlay later on as you get more experience. Make a picture frame, add a photo of yourself, and you have a gift to give your parents or grandparents that they will treasure.

ǝƃɐʞǝpuɐd asked How unsafe is it to breathe in or touch polyurethane wood varnish?

I used some in woodshop class…yesterday I had to apply the stuff in an enclosed space (the door was open, but the room was small), so I had to breathe some of the varnish vapors. (I worked for about half an hour that time) Some of the stuff also got on me when my latex gloves broke twice, allowing the stuff to get on my fingers.

So..is there any lasting health concerns resulting from either accidentally breathing in polyurethane varnish vapors for half an hour, or getting into contact with liquid polyurethane? Thanks a lot.

And got the following answer:

For specific information, you can look up the MSDS for the product in question (Material Safety Data Sheet). All manufacturers are required by OSHA to keep a copy on hand, for employees to be able to look at any time they want – so your school should have a copy on hand, if they provided the material.

MSDS are easy to find online too… often the manufacturers have them available on their websites.

Some folks are more sensitive to such chemicals than others… the most common complaints would be red, irritated skin (if you have sensitive skin) from contact, or perhaps some cold/flu like symptoms if you inhaled it for a while. There won’t be any hazards like developing cancer, from just a single exposure – you wouldn’t see any lasting health problems unless you were repeatedly, and consistently overexposed, over a long period of time (years).

The biggest problem you likely had was a slight headache after-wards, and trying to wear off the dried polyurethane from your fingers, hehehe.

If you find that your project feels a bit rough, after it has dried – scuff sand it with some 220 grit sandpaper, and apply another layer of finish.
I actually prefer to spray my finishes on (lots of practice) to get a smoother coat.

Have Fun

DJJD asked Is there any woodshop in Louisville, KY which I can use to build some projects?

I want to build some wooden projects, but have no tools nor a shop to do it in. Is there any woodshop in the Louisville area where I can do my work?

And got the following answer:

I also have some friends who are very interested in building wooden projects. You can try Woodcraft of Louisville. It’s located at 1850 So. Hurstbourne Parkway, Ste. 148. It’s a leading woodworking store in Louisville. You can also purchase woodworking supplies at the store. The store also provides different types of woodworking classes.

Just drop in the shop and try their new Easy Wood Tools! Some instructors will give you some necessary guidance if you wish. A huge number of woodworking tools and plans are offered for you to choose from.

I tried to look for any other woodshops in the Louisville area. But sorry, no results! But local craigslist can be a good source. Search their craigslist for furniture. Perhaps, you can get what you want.


M&M(: asked How can i make a performance stage?

I want to make a stage that is about 4×6 and has a 2×3 runway jetting out of it. how can i make it?? where can i buy one??????

And got the following answer:

Go to the local highschool and talk to the woodshop teacher. This would be a easy project for someone to build and you would probably only need to pay for supplies–no more than $100.