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DIY Pub Table | eHow – eHow | How to Videos, Articles & More …

DIY Pub Table. Plans for authentic pub tables can be hard to find. In addition, it seems as if everybody has a different idea of what a pub table is. This …

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piper asked How do you fix a crack in a wooden table?

We have a table from Pier 1 which has a small crack. The table is made of rubberwood and has a black lacquer finish. How can we repair the crack so that it doesn’t continue to spread?

And got the following answer:

One easy DIY fix that requires only basic tools would be to get a couple of small turnbuckles ( one might do) a couple of pieces of wood , some screws & strong wood glue.
Screw the wood blocks to underside of table either side of the crack without going through top.
Screw the turnbuckle “eyes” to the blocks.
Apply glue to the crack & use the turnbuckle to draw the crack closed.
You get a lot of force from the turnbuckle & if it looks like it will bow the top , upend the table on a flat surface with some weight
( big pot of water?) till glue sets.
For insurance you can also glue & screw a piece of wood across crack .
Cheap & easy.
Good luck.

Zara Techete asked How to re organise and decorate my room without buying new things?

So my room is pretty tiny. I have two beds, one is a double bed and the other a three quarter. I frakly dont need the three quarter but my mom insists that we keep it so guests can sleep there x_x. I have pink curtains that go all the way up to the ceiling (one side of my room, like one wall, is just a bunch of windows). My double bed has a duvet with blue butterflies and the rest is white and the other bed has a dark blue and peach abstract duvet. In the corner of my room i have a computer stand but i cant do homework on it cos its too small, so i do homework in the lounge. Basically, I really want to redo my room and organise it and such but I cant buy new things cos my parents are doing up the bathroom and such. Oh, and the floors are a grey/ brown colour, wooden floors. Basically, I need some help with a colour scheme and things I can have in my room to put my books in (my entire three quarter bed is scattered with books) and my files etc. And maybe a few decorations on the wall and perhaps a DIY table that doesnt involve huge building.
Thanks guys and sorry for the bad grammar

And got the following answer:

Check Craigslist for items under Free….always have an adult go with you for safety to pick any items up.
Check your storage areas of you home for unused items you can repurpose in your room.
Ask friends/other family members for items they may not be using.
If you can buy paint…buy one that unifies the existing colors in the duvets….use same color to paint picture frames, lamps etc. for accentuation.
You can recycle old clothes…into new pillows, quilts, padded billboards, lampshades etc.
I would search the internet for frugal decorating ideas…or how to repurpose items. Good luck.

jar0507 asked How much do dessert tables cost for wedding?

I was looking into all these fabulous dessert tables that people are having at their weddings and was wondering how much they cost? Ive seen some are included in the catering package but others are done by actual wedding planners or the baker that does the cake?

And got the following answer:

using a dessert table can cut your wedding cake cost in half or more if you choose carefully what to have served.

wedding cake typically costs about 3 to 6 dollars or more per person, so if you have a small wedding cake for a hundred or so dollars which you and hubby cut for the tradtion and then serve a dessert table, you will really save.

you can do one yourself or have it done for you by your caterer (most expensive way) wedding planner if she does this kind of thing (middle expense) or by your bakery (least expensive other than diy)

some caterers may view the addition of a dessert table as something they are willing to sort of throw in in order to get your business if you let them know the deal may hinge on it. dessert is a relatively inexpensive item in the food world so they can afford to gift you with it or make it really inexpensive.

here is a site with more info:

for info on a diy dessert table for under 40 dollars:

nici22333 asked How to refurnish an old table?

I was given my great grandmothers table and chairs. They are very old so I want to try and repaint it or something. Does anyone know any good websites or ways I could redo them so they dont look so bad.

And got the following answer:

First let me rant a little…..
Had a repair / refinishing shop & some of the answers in this section drive me wild esp. when it comes to heirloom items.
I needed to get paid for my work & would never use what some people say is the “best” refinishing method.
There is no “one best way” that works on everything.
Here are some basics that, with a little patience will give good results & will not damage the furniture.
Heirloom & antique value are 2 different things.
Painted pieces are sometimes just cleaned for either reason.
A matter of taste.
An organic cleaner like Simple green may be enough.
If you are up to it as a DIY stripping project……
Safest to use one of the heavy paste strippers.
The ones that you wrap w/ plastic are very good.
You can use mineral spirits or a llquid stripper for final cleanup as necessary.
Old toothbrushes , cheap plastic scrapers, toothpicks & bronze wool (also cheap) cause the least damage.
Keep the work clean w/ a tack cloth to pick up any dust ,also cheap.
Being old & regardless of the type of wood, fine bronze wool
can be used to burnish the surfaces.
To repaint , spray primer & paint are very good, even auto paint.
One or 2 prime coats lightly rubbed w/ the wool in between followed by 2 or 3 finish coats.
If the pieces have a natural finish, easiest would be a product like Formbys restorer which comes in a kit.
It cleans & reduces the existing finish but preserves the old
If a piece is stripped for a natural finish that shows the woodgrain it has to be complete.
Generally, would not use stain on an heirloom.
The easiest & most forgiving “natural finishes for DIY would be shellac, ( usually orange for warmth) or an oil finish esp on hardwood for a nice soft look.
They are easy to apply & touch up as necessary, unlike polyurethanes .
Some antique shops just clean naturally finished pieces with thinned out Butchers wax sometimes using well crumpled paper grocery bags & a final waxing w/ soft cloths.
So….having said that , you could search specialty refinishing shops online for books to elaborate in my humble tips.
Expect it to take some time & effort if you want to preserve
the sentimental & antique value & have it look good as well.
A ltttle patience will get you results as good, or better than some “professional” shops & certainly better than what some of the ” hacks” in this section claim.
I’m done.
Hope that helps.
Best regards

z3rongod asked Question is longer: What is the maximum amount of air that can pass through a 1 mm diameter hole?

I am trying to make a DIY hockey table. First I’m trying to figure out how many fans would i need to push uniformly air. I’m thinking of making the holes either 1 mm in diameter or 1/2 mm.

Also i think it matters how much volume is inside the box and how many holes there are (obviously).

Can someone please tell me a formula so I can calculate all this?

And got the following answer:

7psi x amount of grey on table – amount of floor+ceiling-PI