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Craftsman Table Saw Parts | eBay – Electronics, Cars, Fashion …

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Tom asked Looking for a part for an old 10″ Craftsman table saw?

I’m looking for a part for my old 10″ Craftsman Table Saw. The Model is from the 113 series….113.226880. Part description is “spreader support”. Part number 62642.
Any one know where I could source this? It’s no longer available at Searspartsdirect.

And got the following answer:

I hate to have to tell you this, but if Sears doesn’t have it, and can’t get it, chances are slim that anyone else will have it.

You could spend hundreds of hours searching on Google and Yahoo for power equipment parts companies, and then contact them one by one, and maybe it’s possible that you could be lucky enough that eventually you’d find one that had what you need collecting dust in a back corner of a shelf.

If it were my problem, I would try to find a decent picture or diagram of the part and fabricate it myself in my garage. If a pic or diagram is not available, then I would analyze the problem, and design my own support bracket.

Another option would be to advertise for the part and/or a junk table-saw available for parts on Craigslist, and as many as possible sites like that, One good place for finding stuff folks are giving away is a site called Free which is world-wide, but has local chapters all over.

Go to, and search for a chapter in your area, or at least nearby. One firm rule on is that things MUST be given away; there is no selling, buying, or even trading, all free.

I still think the fastest fix is to fabricate the support bracket yourself.

Burgles asked Can I buy a new part for my saw?

I have an old craftsman Scroll Saw, model # 103.23440. It is in great working shape, except I don’t have the table insert to keep the blade from bending. Does anyone know where I might be able to find one of these? I check and it says that the part is no longer available.

And got the following answer:

The company that made the saw,Emerson electric no longer makes parts for sears. Not sure how the insert fits into your saw but I know people that have made custom inserts for their table saws from plexiglass.

happynewyear asked Can anyone recommend a good starter table saw for simple woodworking around house?

What’s one of the best electric table saws that would be good for cutting out shelves and woodwork trim?

I’m wanting to buy one that is easy to use since I haven’t had alot of experience using one.

Any tips would be appreciated!

And got the following answer:

For simplicity, I like the DeWalt table saw. The rack and pinion fence makes for very easy adjustment. The DeWalt saw is on the more expensive side for small saws, but you said easy, not cheap.

It’s been awhile since I used any of the lower cost options. If you go that route, I would stick with name brands like Skil, Ryobi, Rigid, Craftsman, and so on. This way, if it breaks, you can get parts. Go into the hardware store and play with the various options. Investigate features like fence adjustment, fence accuracy, blade adjustment, and power. Consider the table, larger is better than smaller and single piece is better than bolt on wings (on small tables). Pick the one you like and I hope you enjoy it.

lymanspond asked looking for a miter gauge for a band saw?

I have a full size craftsman band saw and I am continuly dissappointed in the little miter gauge that came with the saw….my carpentery skills don’t warrant buying a $200 to $300 miter gauge. Is there a miter gauge or other device that would be beneficial for band saw use?

And got the following answer:

The clamping miter gauge listed at Woodcraft for $50 is only $30 at Rockler right now.

There are a variety of gauges and slides you can purchase.. anywhere from $30 to a few hundred… many will fit the slot found on most table saws (and a few bandsaws).

If youve got the skills, why not make one yourself? Ive made I dont know how many jigs and fixtures over the years, professionally, and at home. (a LOT, lol)

Rockler carries a full line of parts (knobs, rails, slots, clamps, etc) or, if your shop is anything like mine, youve got everything you need laying there somewhere, lol.

Have Fun

Mmonroe asked My craftsman riding mower will start but wont shift into gear?

I did all the first of the year get it started things. It made several passes and worked fine. It seemed to be slipping when I tried to go up a hill. I braked and put it in neutral. I was able to roll back down the hill. Once at the bottom of the hill, I tried to put it back in gear. It wouldn’t go forward or backward. What now?

And got the following answer:

I bought power tools from Craftsman when we bought our first house. The tools were flimsy and parts started falling off from the first day I bought them. Sparks flew out of the circular saw, the fences and guides would not stay put on any of the tools, and the slots on the table saw were not parallel. After one year the drill and circular saw completely died. I had to replace everything with PortaCable, Makita, and Powermatic, and the good stuff is still working over 25 years later! I would absolutely *never* buy another powered piece of equipment from Sears/Craftsman, never!

Douglas E M asked Craftsman table saw parts?

I need a V Belt (2) replacement for my Craftsman table saw. The part number is 662329-001. I believe the table saw is an early 1990’s model (model # 315.221850). Does anyone know where I could find such a part?

And got the following answer:

You should be able to find it as a standard part in an auto store. Measure the belt’s length and inquire at a auto store, and take the part with you. If that does not work for you, Sears will sell you a part.

ajdefeo1945 asked What are my options for making jigs and sleds for my craftsman table saw with non standard t-miter slots?

are there any after market solutions for the terrible craftsman non-standard proprietary miter slots which are 5/8″ wide x 3/8″ deep. biggest prob is that there are lil flanges so i can’t cut runners to fit in the slots. PLEASE HELP ME.

And got the following answer:

i got a rockler catalog in the mail a while ago that had an extensive “jig” section with lots of metal pieces and parts. if all else fails, get another miter guage and cut off the bar