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Residential NAS net losses improved 17.2% in Q2 to 67,969 from 82,090 last year, reflecting lower rates of residential NAS turnover where Bell Fibe TV is available and improved retention in our non-Fibe TV service areas. Business NAS losses increased 31.7%, or 9,167, to 38,079, due to competitive losses, ongoing business customer conversion of voice lines to IP-based services, and the ongoing deactivation of excess dial-up ports with customer shifts to high-speed fibre Internet access from older technologies. Total Bell NAS at the end of the quarter was 5,034,968, a 7.2% decline from last year. As a result, Bell’s local and access revenues decreased 5.9% to $595 million , while long distance revenue fell 7.1% to $170 million .
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Prime Features Latest Low Noise Block (LNB) Converter With Entropic’s Analog Channel Stacking Switch; New Device Seamlessly Distributes Triple the Entertainment Value – Yahoo Finance

A lot has changed in a short amount of time. Pentesting has mutated rapidly to match a cyber black market packed with highly skilled criminals, government resources, and attack agility that can far outpace even the most moneyed, sophisticated enterprise defenses. More Hackonomics Hackonomics: The cost of getting caught Modern penetration testing is more than a scan, and definitely more than a tick-the-boxes compliance requirement.
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IT Security in the Snowden Era

About Prime Electronics and Satellitics Inc. Prime Electronics and Satellitics Inc. (TWSE:6152) is one of the reputed manufacturers specialized in developing and manufacturing advanced digital satellite communication and wireless consumer electronics. Prime was founded in 1995. With the consistency of high quality and reliability products, Prime was certified with ISO 9001:2000(E) and CE marks.
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TeraGo Reports Second Quarter 2014 Results – Yahoo Finance

Major Internet peering and core locations are centralized in Vancouver, Toronto, Seattle and Los Angeles although Internet access is also available in all regional markets for further redundancy. TeraGo offers a range of diverse Ethernet-based services over a secured wireless connection to customer locations up to 20 kilometres from a hub (provided line of sight or wireline networks exist) or through a fibre optic connection. There are three main network components in each regional market: core hub, multiple hub sites and customer locations: Core Hub Sites Core hub sites, the main interconnection point between our regional wireless and wireline system and national MPLS fiber-optic facilities, are equipped with redundant fiber-optic equipment, high performance MPLS routers, uninterruptible power supplies, and server equipment. Core hub sites are configured in MPLS ring architecture to avoid service disruption in the event of any single point of failure. Hub Sites Hub sites are generally equipped with broadband wireless base stations where appropriate; high performance Ethernet switches and routers; high capacity licensed backhaul radios with uninterruptible power supplies; and in selected cases, fibre optic connections, both used to connect the Hub site to one or more adjacent hub sites. Under our enhanced strategy to deploy fibre-optic facilities, TeraGo is constructing fibre-optic routes that originate at a hub site and, using industry standard fibre-optic termination equipment, provide fibre-optic access to TeraGo customers.
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