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Next, I bored a similar hole in the top of my job-site workbench to allow the wood chips an escape route. I positioned my router over the hole in the jig and anchored the router to the table with a pair of clamps. The clamps were arranged on opposite sides of the router’s base, in line with the groove in the 2x stock. By sightingdown the groove I could easily adjust the router, both vertically and horizontally, until I had the bit in the exact position that I needed for the molding profile. Cutting the moldings is a simple matter of turning on the router and feeding the stock into the groove. In a few minutes I had hundreds of feet of molding.
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The company did not specify how the tables were corrupted but did state it took additional measures “to prevent this from occurring again,” Wagner said. The company temporarily had competing registrar VeriSign to handle its DNS services during the outage. Customer information, such as credit card information, was not compromised any anytime during the outage, GoDaddy said. @AnonymousOwn3r did not immediately respond to GoDaddy’s statement. GoDaddy did not immediately respond to a request for more technical information about the cause of the corrupted tables.
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If you foot the Internet bill for your dorm or business, restrict excessive use with an access policy.

Type in a name for this policy, such as “Dorm Room” or “Children’s Policy.” Click “Enabled” to activate the feature. Step 3 Click the “Edit List” button to add the MAC addresses of the devices you want to restrict. You can create a time schedule, block websites by URL addresses, block application ports and more. Step 4 Click “Save Settings.” Tip The MAC (Media Access Control) address is the identification number of every connected device on the network. To locate the MAC address for a device, look for the DHCP client table or for connected devices. The location of the list varies depending on router and version, but most list it under router settings or the status utility. Netgear routers do not provide you with native software for managing Internet usage or filtering content on individual devices.
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