An Easy Way To Dress Up Large Boxes – Box Spline Jig Adds Decorative Flair, Extra Joint Strength

This is particularly useful for large boxes that are difficult to handle on a router table. Once the jig is clamped to the corner of the box, the jig faces support the base of the router as it is pushed to cut the spline slots. The user can then add their choice of splines, which are very decorative and elevate the design of the box into something extraordinary. “The Large Box Spline Jig brings the routing to the box joint without the need to bring the box to a router table,” says Steve Krohmer, Rockler’s Vice President of Product Marketing. “This jig simply clamps onto the box joint and guides the router for perfect spline cuts. The addition of splines transforms ordinary box joints into a piece of art that is fit for display.” The Large Box Spline Jig is made of durable plastic and features an edge guide that is adjustable to accommodate a variety of router models so they can be centered for the spline cuts.
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Backstory: After 5 years, Alan Gross was losing hope in Cuban prison | Tampa Bay Times

If 5G networks are built well, there will be no need to upend mobile tech every decade, just update it bit by bit as new needs, and technology, arise. If, adds Sutton, “5G always delivers sufficient rates such that the end consumer perceives there’s infinite capacity, we’ll continue to evolve our networks, but we’re moving away from this major generational shift every 10 years to a more general evolutionary capability. Whether we call that something new or not will become more of a marketing question than a technology question.
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Does the world need 5G? Driverless cars, IoT, future devices will demand it – Yahoo News


“If the United States is serious about getting Gross out, then it will have to have a more flexible position,” said LeoGrande, an American University government professor who specializes in Latin America. But for South Florida Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, this is no time to show flexibility toward the Cuban government. Alan Gross “should have never been jailed and should be released unconditionally,” she said in a statement. “A cavalcade of diplomats, members of Congress and others have visited Gross in prison to no avail.
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