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This can be a real problem with cheaper tools where the collet is machined in the motor shaft–it can’t be replaced. Bit By Bit You buy a router to make decorative moldings and to cut joints. But by itself, all it’ll make is noise. Before you leave the store, pick up a few basic bits to get started. You’ll find them in 1/4- and 1/2-in.
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6 Workshop Router Secrets: DIY Guy – Popular Mechanics

Sure, a cordless drill or circular saw might get more use, but no tool can compete with a router when it comes to diversity. With this one compact tool you can shape decorative edges, form raised panels, cut grooves and slots, carve signs, make moldings, rout intricate inlays, trim plastic laminate and veneers and mill dozens of woodworking joints, including rabbets, dovetails and mortises, to name a few. And while the router is handheld for most operations, it can also be mounted in a router table , creating a small stationary shaper. Here are six router tips divided by experience level: practicing these techniques will help you get the most out of your router while expanding your woodworking skills. By Joe Truini
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Router Table includes pre-drilled router mounting plates., Bosch Power Tools &

Pre-drilled, the plate can accommodate more than a dozen industry routers, while a blank mounting plate can be purchased separately and drilled to fit. Precise cuts are simplified using the table’s easy to position 4-7/8-inch tall by 25-1/8-inch wide aluminum fence with adjustable MDF face plates. Outfeeds can be offset for jointing applications and the fence fits a standard 2-1/2-inch vacuum hose for a clean work environment. Two adjustable featherboards mount directly on the fence or table to safely guide work. For convenient bit height adjustment capability, Bosch recommends using a router and base with a through-the-table adjustment feature, such as the Bosch 1617-series routers and the Bosch RA1165 Router Table Base (sold separately).
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